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Homeowners who spot a sagging roof are easily worried. The sight can definitely be alarming. However, some sagging shouldn’t be taken as a sign that your roofing system is falling apart. But, it is a way for your roof to let you know that some repairs are necessary. When roofs sag, they can actually still be repaired and fixed up with a bit of reinforcement. In order to maintain your current roofing system, getting a professional to assess and fix up the roof is the best course of action. It is essential that you get someone who can identify the underlying problems that must have caused the sagging and then apply the right techniques to fix the problem.

what causes a roof to sag

If you’ve started noticing your roof starting to sag, it isn’t only detrimental to your property’s appeal, it’s a sure sign that something is wrong within the fundamental roof structure.

Here are a few things that can cause roof sag Manassas VA.

Cause #1: Weakened Roof Material 

When water finds a way to seep into the internal framework of your roof, it can cause the materials inside to start rotting. This gradually weakens the framework that supports the weight of the roof covers. If you have a layer of roof shingles, tiles, or shakes, this puts some weight on the roof deck. With the weakened structure, the weight can cause some parts of the roof to cave in. What’s worse is that if this is left to continue, the internal damages could lead to a collapse. 

There are multiple initial causes to the water damage. This could have been caused by missing fragments in the topmost layer. A few missing or broken shingles or tiles could cause the water seepage. Another possibility is that the waterproof layer right under the shingles could have deteriorated. Even when the topmost layer may look great, there could still be damage from the inside. An even more interior problem, such as the damage of roof flashing, could also cause water seepage.

If there is no proper air flowing in and out of your roof, it could also be one of the causes to a build-up of moisture in the roof space. Proper ventilation is key to preventing condensation and moisture formation within the roof. When moisture starts to build-up inside, this can cause wood to rot and mold to grow, even with a completely sealed roof.

Cause #2: Heavy Roof Materials and Inadequate Support

Not all roof structures are compatible with the type of roof cover that you’d prefer. An experienced contractor should would initially check whether the roof brackets and trusses are capable of bearing the load of proposed materials before installing them. If you’ve just had a recent roof installation and find that your roof has started to sag, this is most likely due to the incompatibility of the carrying capacity of the supporting structures and the load of the roofing materials. If you’ve had your asphalt shingles replaced with cement shingles or a similar heavier tile, this could well be the case since the overall weight of the roof would have increased significantly with such a change. 

One way to fix this is to reinforce the roofing with the use of extra support brackets or frames to carry the added weight. However, the best approach is to avoid this altogether by having your roof assessed by a professional.

Other Less Common Causes

A few other reasons could be behind the roof sag. One of these is a poorly done installation by an inexperienced roofer. Another reason could also be the use of low quality materials. Lower grade roofing products are usually more likely to suffer from water and climate damages. Unfortunately, using the best quality materials also won’t save you from this problem if you don’t have the right team setting your roof. 

Aside from the roof build and materials, the reasons behind roof sag aren’t limited to roofing problems alone. Another probable cause could be structural problems within your home’s foundations. Shifting of the structure underneath your roof could cause the roof to move as well. You should keep an eye out for cracks or structural damage. 

A sagging roof will only cause more problems over time. It’s best to address the problem as soon as possible by getting it evaluated. After identifying whatever is causing the sagging, repairs should be scheduled. Leaving the sagging alone can be dangerous. It is possible for it to cave in, causing damage to your entire property and even harm to your family.
The best repairs can only be done by a great team of professionals for roofing Manassas VA who are sure to apply the right repair techniques for that specific problem.

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