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Roof Maintenance

Annually, millions of people have the roofs of their homes replaced either because of a storm or it recently approached the end of its lifespan. However, even if people need to have their roof replaced eventually there are some tips to maintain shingle roofs so you won’t have to tear it off sooner instead of later.

Here is a reliable checklist for maintaining the roof so you can identify and avoid any type of damage that may lead to the destruction of your roof.

Have the Chimney Patched Up

As you check out your checklist for the maintenance of the roof, make sure that your chimney is well-reviewed if there is any missing mortar or cracks. Whenever there is any kind of structural damage, the bricks may eventually fall out and lead to damage on your roof. It may even allow the chimney to collapse. You may get a trowel and repair it on your own or ask for the services of a contractor who can have any of the mortar cracks patched up.

Whenever a chimney leans or slopes, it may be due to problems in the foundation of your home. Whenever you notice that the chimney moved, make sure to seek the services of a contractor so it will get fixed immediately. You may also allow that person to check if there are any signs of problems in the foundation of your home.

Regularly Check the Shingles

What are the ways for people can have the roof maintained? Initially, you need to check it as often as you can especially if high winds or a heavy storm recently occurred. What is great about this is that you don’t need a ladder so you can climb up to take a good look at the roof. All a person needs is a great pair of binoculars so he can check out if there are any possible problems. In case you are inspecting the roof on your own, the following are the things that you need to look for:

• Curling shingles
• Missing granules
• Cracked shingles
• Missing shingles
• Peeling flashing

Whenever you see the presence of any of the signs stated above, you need to have the roof checked by a professional roofing contractor immediately as that person can make the necessary repairs safely.

Have Your Roof Washed

Whenever the maintenance of a shingle roof is involved it is vital to wash it regularly. There will come a time when the roof will appear dirty and have dark and long streaks flow from the eave to the peak. Whenever you see this, it means that there are algae that are growing in your home. This may not lead to damage immediately but leaving it long enough may eventually make the shingles rot.

You can have these algae removed by spraying a 50 percent mixture of bleach and water on the roof. The bleach can almost immediately kill the algae. It is also recommended to have copper strips installed underneath the peak of the roof so that whenever it rains, the copper molecules would go streaming down the roof and kill any algae that want to come back.

Hire a Professional to Inspect the Roof

A lot of people may wonder why they need to pay for someone to inspect the roof when they can have a checklist for roof maintenance in front of them. A professional inspector is more reliable as that person can spot any potential problem that you may miss and provide you with valuable tips for the roof’s maintenance. Moreover, that person can also give you an idea of the number of years it may last. It is recommended by a lot of roofers to have an inspection every couple of years. However, having it inspected yearly will allow you to find any potential issue before the repairs become too costly.

Check out if there are Leaks in the Ceilings and Attics.

A great way to know if the roof is in need of maintenance is to check if there are stains of water inside the home. You need to have the attic and ceilings checked as regularly as the roof for any water damage before the issue becomes more serious. The following are the usual warning signs that there is a leak:

  • The ceiling has stains of water.
  • Certain rooms have a musty odor.
  • The interior walls have bulging patches.
  • There are spots on the exterior walls.

Whenever you notice the appearance of any of the said signs, the next thing you need to do is to look for the leak and ask for help from a professional who can have the hole in the roof patched up.

Have the Overhanging Branches of Trees Trimmed

There are some reasons why tree branches can be an issue. The most evident is that it may be at risk of falling on the roof because of the severe weather. Make sure that you are vigilant whenever you do landscaping and have any of the big branches that are directly over the roof cut off immediately. It can help in minimizing the damage of the storm as well as absorb moisture and avoid leaves from piling over the shingles that can eventually rot the roof.

Get the Gutters Cleaned

Whenever the roof needs maintenance, and an essential part of it is having the gutters cleaned out. Whenever there are clogged gutters, it may become easy for the water to seep underneath the roof’s structure and eventually create more than just a couple of water stains. A lot of experts advise that they need to get cleaned at least twice a year. This needs to get completed once in early fall and another in late spring as a part of the regular checklist for home maintenance.

What do I need to do when the roof needs to get replaced?

Whenever you or an inspector determines that the roof needs a replacement, you need to start searching for a reliable contractor. It would be great to search for them in Google as you can see their reputation online. After choosing the contractor, make sure that you fully understand what is in the contract before you have it signed. In case you experience some problems in understanding the contract, ask help from a lawyer to check it out. It may not be as expensive as the risk of exposure when you tear the roof off. That is because the roof is an essential part of the home that protects the whole asset.

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