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Metal Roofing

The metal roof is a roofing system that is made from metal tiles or pieces that is characterized by its longevity, impermeability and increased resistance. This is a component of the envelope of the building wherein steel alloys, copper, and zinc are often used.

Benefits of Metal Roofing

There are several ways metal beats any of the conventional roofing materials:

Life Expectancy 

Whenever metal roofs are installed properly, it could last as long as the home, shed snow easily, survive any high wind, and seal out water. Aside from that, metal is highly resistant to insects, rot, mildew, and fire.

There may be a variety of warranties but most of the companies have their products backed up to 20 to 50 years. Typically, paint finishes have a warranty limited for 30 years.


In comparison to the tile’s weight which is 750 pounds for every 100 square feet or a concrete tile that weighs around 900 pounds for every square feet, metal roofing can be very lightweight. Most of the metal varieties are available from 50 to 150 pounds for every square feet.

The roofing made of sheet metal is great at shedding snow and water. Aside from that, it is quick to install, fire-resistant, and lightweight.

Since the weight of the material is light, you can eventually save on the building and engineering of the supporting structure. Whenever you build a house, this can allow you to either reduce the number of support members for the roof or have it downsized. There are specific metal roofing types that may get applied over any existing roof without having to add or tear-off any structural support.

Ease and Speed in the Roof’s Installation

A lot of the metal roofing materials have multiple-shingle sections that are made of panels that are either 12 to 36 inches wide.

Any accomplished contractor is capable of having these installed immediately. In case a storm is coming or the roof gets stripped, having the process shortened by a day or two can provide a critical advantage. It is obvious that you can have considerable savings in labor whenever you shorten or ease the duration of the roof installation.

Resistance to Fire

Since metal roof materials are not combustible, they often have a fire rating of Class A which is the most fire-resistant. You just need to become aware that a part of the overall classification of the roof may depend on the materials that are underneath the surface as they could ignite when exposed to intense heat. Because of this reason, most of the metal roofs that are applied over any combustible material like wood shingles also have a lower rating of Class C.

Heat Conduction

Metal is capable of reflecting the sun’s radiant heat and eventually minimize the heat gain of the midday. This will allow you to save the needed energy for air conditioning whenever it is daytime. Even if the material itself can be low in insulation with an R-value, it is possible to apply metal roofing over an insulation that has rigid-foam with extremely high R-values. Aside from this, there are numerous systems that make use of the dead-air space between the roof deck and the metal that can have energy efficiency increased.

Roof Pitch at a Minimal

A considerable percentage of roofing materials may get installed on roofs that are gently pitched without any leakage. The minimum pitch of the roof is often 3-in-12 wherein the roof rises 3 inches for every horizontal foot.

Since the metal reflects the sun’s radiant heat, it can minimize the heat gain during the midday and allow you to save the needed energy for air conditioning during daytime. Even if the material can be low in the R-value of insulation, you may apply the metal roofing over any rigid-foam insulation that also has R-values that are quite high. Aside from this, there are a lot of systems that make use of the dead-air space between the roof deck and the metal roof that can help in increasing the efficiency of energy.

Shedding of Snow and Rain at a Maximum

Metal roof can be practically impervious to snow and rain since the surfaces can be slippery and hard as well as the way every panel interlocks. Aside from this, the metal roofing’s dark tones allows them to warm quickly in the snow and encourage the snow to melt.

Whenever the country often experiences snow, metal roofing is recommended because it is great at shedding snow, lightweight, and resistant to fire. Applied over the dense foam insulation are panels so they can maintain the high R-values. If the surface is dark, it can warm the sun and assist in melting the snow immediately.

Disadvantages of Metal Roofing

Despite the numerous advantages of metal roofing, it is still worthy to discuss some of its drawbacks. Even if this is the case, there are numerous metal roofing manufacturers that were capable of improving their products which allowed them to address and solve these concerns:

Metal Roofing and Its Cost

The biggest drawback when it comes to metal roofs is the startup cost. Fore every 100 square feet, metal roofs have a price of approximately $150 to $600.

Despite that, since the material has a long-term durability, you may eventually save whenever you live in the house for an extended time as it allows you to save on any kind of seasonal maintenance. But, in case you are only planning to reside there for just a few years, your investment may not become maximized.


Some people may consider the sound of the rain that is tapping on the roof homey and romantic. However, it may feel like you are living within a drum for others. Whenever there is a hailstorm or rainstorm, whenever you live underneath thin metal sheets, it will surely be noisier compared to living under a thick tile or slate. You can control noise through using materials with structural barriers that can minimize any drumming effect. You can then have them applied with solid plywood sheathing and insulation that can be sound-deadening to minimize the noise.


Any car may get dented whenever a golf ball hits it. The same may happen to a metal roof whenever big hailstones fall on top of it. Aluminum and copper roofing can be so much softer compared to steel make them prone to dents. However, there are specific types that are guaranteed to not dent.

Even if you don’t need to walk on your roof because it does not leak, there may be times when the plumber has to snake out any chimney sweep or vent pipe so that person can access the flue. You may be able to walk on certain metal roofs but it may not be possible to do this on every roof that is made of metal. It could depend on how the specific product is created as well as the type of construction that supports it.

Care and Marring 

Some of the painted metal roof finishes may chalk, scratch, fade, chip, or peel even if almost all of them are guaranteed to last for three decades. Whenever you walk on some of them especially if the surface is made of granulated stone, it may lead to wear and tear.

People who install these need to be careful so they will not dent or scratch the roof whenever it is being installed as the panels need to be treated with utmost care. It is not similar to conventional roofing wherein certain metal shingles systems get installed from the top down so people wouldn’t have to walk on them. After having it installed, the roofing may need to get hosed off so it will stay looking great.


Meta roofs need proper installation that is because roofs that have exposed fasteners may become vulnerable whenever it is installed improperly. Whenever the screws are attached to any flat surface instead of the raised ridges, rain water may end up running down the roof and seeping into the holes from the screw. Because of this, specialized resilient washes are needed to seal around the heads of the screw. Whenever you have this kind of roof installed, you need to make sure to precisely follow the instructions of the manufacturer.

Contraction and Expansion

Since metal contracts and expands while it cools and warms, a lot of the new products come with fastening systems that are capable of accommodating any movement. Without this, the fasteners responsible for securing the roof may have a tendency to become loose. Whenever it is hot, the contraction and expansion may end up having a wavy effect.


Numerous people believe that since metal is capable of conducting electricity, it may also attract it. However, this may not really be the case as lightning often strikes high objects such as trees which are found near metal roofs instead of the roof itself. Aside from that, it can be easy to have metal roofs grounded by a company responsible for lightning protection.


Metal roofs perform well in guarding the house against any fire that comes from the outside of the home which includes embers and flying sparks. However, are not great for fires that begin inside the home. Whenever there is a serious house fire, the firemen would have to open up the roof so they can put the fire out. This job could definitely be more complicated and would take a longer time whenever the house has a metal roof.


It can be more difficult to replace metal roofing materials that are installed in big panels compared to individual shingles. Aside from this, whenever you add something to your home or have it remodeled, it may be quite difficult to make sure that the materials match.

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