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Residential ROOFING


Asphalt shingles are manufactured to be implemented on solid, smooth and dry wood decks. They can be installed on new ceilings or on top of an existing one. They are resistant to fire and high-speed winds.


Tile is a natural stone that is transformed in order to place it on ceilings, while synthetic tile is a mixture of plastic and rubber that simulates the marvel of a genuine stone ceiling.


Metal roof is a roofing system made from metal pieces or tiles characterized by its high resistance, impermeability and longevity.


Cedar tile shows irregular and rustic features that provide a classic and charming appearance to every roof, making it look cozier. It is an all-time favorite for smaller, cottage-styles homes.



This name originates on the method used to install and adhere materials to the roof. When a specific section of the material makes contact with the bottom liner, a flame torch melts them together, sealing them and making the roof impermeable and leak-free.


It gets its name from Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO), which is a layer of blended polypropylene and rubber. It is installed on roofs using a completely adhered or mechanically joined system.


EPDM stands for polyethylene propylene diene monomer rubber, a material that has great properties against water and other atmospheric agents. It has a very high elasticity and resistance, which makes it a suitable material for waterproofing all types of surfaces.

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Check out the main services we offer for residential and commercial clients in and around Washington DC, Northern Virginia, Loudoun County, Fairfax County, etc.. You can also contact us about the other services we offer!


  • Asphalt Shingles
  • Slate & Synthetic Slate
  • Cedar Shake
  • Metal

Flat Roofing

  • Torch Down
  • TPO – Thermoplastic Polyolefin 
  • EPDM – Polyethylene Propylene Diene Monomer Rubber

Roof Maintenance:

Inspection Reports: $150

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Financing: Available