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Many ideas emerge about how a roof is replaced, and how it will be the whole process that is done in the houses.

At Ebenezer Roofing, we have a highly trained staff who perform this process efficiently and effectively in your home.

We tell you about how the process is usually performed:

1. The quotation: The first step of the process is the quote, you should provide the information, that way we can determinate an estimate of the process, materials and labor to be used, to be as certain as possible.

2. An inspection: When you accept the quotation, an inspection is carried out for checking if there are deep damages or not, also some measures are taken, the inclination of the ceiling is evaluated, the ceiling area is established, and the Necessary surplus. All this to determine the quantity of materials to buy and not incur unnecessary expenditure on materials.

3. Tools to use: This is an important part of any roof installation or repair process; Since they facilitate the necessary processes. Also, it is necessary to have a specific work area for the manipulation of the materials.

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