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Check the Integrity of Your Roof With an Inspection

You rely on your roof all the time, but how often do you actually think about its integrity? Even if you got up on your roof, would you know what to look for?

The best way to ensure your roof is in good condition is to have it regularly inspected. Many experts recommend an inspection every one or two years. This will catch any potential problems before they become sizeable repairs. This process can also give you a sense of how many years you have left before you have to replace your roof. To receive an inspection from the roofers Manassas, VA trusts most, contact us today.

Here are common components an Ebenezer Roofing LLC inspector will examine:


Overall roof appearance

Condition of fascia, gutters, drains, skylights, chimneys, and vents

Surface deterioration

Curled, broken, or missing shingles

Physical damage

Areas where water may collect

Evidence of ceiling cracks and leaks

Damaged or missing flashing points

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At Ebenezer Roofing LLC, we have the skills and experience to assess your roof. We’re a family-owned business with over 13 years of experience and knowledge about all the different roofing materials. We offer competitive inspections that will only cost you $150 for a full report on the state of your roof. Check out our roofing FAQ if you have more questions about your roof.

If you need more work done to address any issues, we’re available for repairs, replacements, and installations, too. We even offer financing options. Call now for a free quote. We’ll get back to you the same business day!

When to Get Your Roof Inspected for the Best Results

Regular inspections are recommended every couple of years, and they are best suited for the fall. Time your inspection before the cold weather arrives. Frigid temperatures can affect the quality of roof installation and shingle repair because the seals don’t set properly. Moreover, working on an icy roof is treacherous. If roof problems are discovered during the inspection, you want to have time before it gets cold to complete any necessary fixes.

Another reason to complete inspections in the fall is that some treatments take time to set. For example, if you need to treat your roof for moss or lichen, you’ll need up to 180 days for the treatment to take effect. If you apply such treatments in the fall, they’ll have all winter to start working. Then, when spring comes, your roof is ready for anything.

In addition to regular inspections, you may face other experiences that warrant inspection. After a hailstorm or other significant weather event, most homeowners recognize the need for a thorough roof inspection to identify potential damage. 

Get an Expert for Your Roof Inspections in Manassas, VA

Most roof work is not suited for do-it-yourself efforts. Although a roof inspection may seem like a superfluous cost, it’s worth your time and money to hire a professional contractor from Ebenezer Roofing LLC to complete your inspection.

To start, getting on your roof is not always the safest thing. If you’re not experienced with roof work, you may not have the tools or skills necessary to complete the task safely. Instead of risking your health and incurring medical bills, you’re better off paying a trained expert to safely complete the task on your behalf.

Even if you can get on your roof safely, you have to know what to look for. Signs of roofing damage can be subtle. Our roofing experts can identify the signs of problems and they know where to look to make sure everything is in order.

Find the Roofers Manassas, VA Residents Can Depend On

That being said, be careful with who you hire. There are scams that target homeowners in Manassas, VA. These scams will charge you hefty prices for an inspection while revealing small, costly fixes that may not be legitimate. You need to find roofers Manassas, VA homeowners can truly rely on.

That’s why choosing an established, reputable roofing inspector matters. You can always trust Ebenezer Roofing LLC to provide reliable results at an affordable price.

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