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4. Remove the old ceiling: When the roofing contractor starts this process, this is the dirtiest part of the whole process, because the part of the remover the old things is about a lot of years of accumulated dirty in our old ceiling. The way to do this is from the highest of the lowest, use a garden rake or a shovel specially designed for roofing to clear tiles and faster bags or you can make it using a hammer.

5. Clean the old roof:  this part demands a lot of care and attention. you have to clean the footing of any material of the old roof, so the installation of the new roofing will be neat, among these materials we can mention: nails, supports, tiles, Etc.

6. Install a climate barrier: it is good to install a barrier for protection against the weather and to provide a more pleasant environment within our home, these barriers depend on the type of climate that prevails in your locality.

7. Install the ceiling: Finally the most excited part, that you were waiting for, the installation of the ceiling.
As a final part of our process is the installation of the ceiling and the most important thing that our home needs, follow all the steps above, you will get better results and more years of life to your roof.

The correct installation of the roofing is too important, if you find it very complicated and tedious, let us help, we have years of experience in Northerm Virginia and you won’t regret seeing the results.

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