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One of the questions we often hear is “How much does it cost to change the roof of my house?”
All people care about how much money they have to spend for their roof, but they never think it as the investment it is, because with a good roof they will bring their home: Security, peace and tranquility.

Here are some things that can determine the investment you make in your roof:

  1. The area of the roof you need to replace:
    This is one of the elements that most define the cost of the investment, you must look if it is necessary to replace the entire roof of your house, or you can simply solve by replacing the pieces that are cracked.
  2. The height and inclination of the roof:
    This is another key point for determining the budget, since a mayor of the higher height, will be the degree of complexity of the replacement, so if it is so higher, the budget can increase.
  3. The quality of the roof:
    It is important to study several material options before buy a roof. You should to know what is the best for your home and the quantity of roof to change, also the budget depend on the quality and the years of life that you want to give to the new roof.

Let us help, we are experts in roofing and we can work to make a budget according to your needs.

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