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Many people believe that the drainage channels are simply decoration for the home, or that they have the right combination with our windows, although it is important that our home is well looked at, it is not the main function of these.

The water channels have the main function of lowering the water that our roof receives in rainy seasons and make it descent in a way guide to the places that we prepare properly, ending in the sewers.

What would happen if our homes had not channels? One of the things that we should know is that the roof would make the water down through the inclined side that it has, which means that in the windows or the walls, we would have a waterfall.

Also, when the water reaches the earth, we would have one of these scene:

  • Paved floors: accumulated water in our floor, so if it does not have a drain, the water will increase and could enter through our home.
  • Unpaved floors: If the water down directly to our garden, we would have a lot of mud and deteriorated gardens due to the accumulated water.

We’ve talked a little bit about why the drainage channels are important, please contact us to help you! we have a lot of years of experience in Northern Virginia.

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