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How to replace the roof in ebenezer roofing

1 Remove the old roof 2 Remove old underlayment 3 Inspect the plywood (better known as decking board) It will be an additional cost to replace plywood that is damaged (fee is per plywood replaced) 4 After the plywood or decking board has been replaced, we will proceed...

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Why the drainage channels are important?

Many people believe that the drainage channels are simply decoration for the home, or that they have the right combination with our windows, although it is important that our home is well looked at, it is not the main function of these. The water channels have the...

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How it is replaced a roofing? Part 2

4. Remove the old ceiling: This is the dirtiest part of the whole process, because the part of the remover the old things is about a lot of years of accumulated dirty in our old ceiling. The way to do this is from the highest of the lowest, use a garden rake or a...

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How a roof is replaced? Part 1

Many ideas emerge about how a roof is replaced, and how it will be the whole process that is done in the houses. At Ebenezer Roofing, we have a highly trained staff who perform this process efficiently and effectively in your home. We tell you about how the process is...

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How much does it cost to change the roof of my house?

One of the questions we often hear is "How much does it cost to change the roof of my house?" All people care about how much money they have to spend for their roof, but they never think it as the investment it is, because with a good roof they will bring their home:...

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Are you thinking about selling your house?

Have you thinking about the added value that can give an excellent roof to your property? If you haven’t, this is the moment… you can start to evaluate this proposal, a new roof will be an excellent facade to the house and will be something positive for sale it. It is...

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